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Le porte aperte
24 Agosto 2021

The open doors Ah the open doors! My cross and delight. I have been delighting with photography for years, I believe (without fear of pride) that I have also achieved a certain expressive capacity with the reflex camera, yet still I do not hide from you that I still have some difficulty in understanding how to shoot open doors. Have you ever asked yourself the problem? Open doors are strange objects to photograph, pay attention to them. For ...

I 5 migliori flash sul mercato… Secondo me
13 Agosto 2021

The 5 best flashes on the market The 5 best flashes on the market… In my opinion. After giving you some tips on how to photograph in dark conditions and on the ideal lighting equipment that every photographer should have, I want to "take" this post to deepen the discussion on flashes, suggesting the 5 best products (according to my humble opinion) on the market. Consider that this personal ranking is updated to the year in which this post is wr...

Foto e luci, il kit per iniziare
12 Agosto 2021

Photos and lights, the kit to start Photos and lights, the kit to start. It is my second post related to the subject of lighting in photography and I have decided to dedicate it to the description of a basic lighting kit that every photographer who wants to be, or aspire to be, of a medium-high level should have if. Speedlight If I should find you choosing, perhaps for budget reasons, between speedlight flashes and studio lights, my advi...

3 consigli facili per le vostro foto al buio
11 Agosto 2021

Before taling about the 3 easy tips for lighting in darkness scenario.... In other posts I happened to repeat a phrase to which I am very attached or that, in the end, photography is nothing more than a “lucky” combination of light, color, shapes and movements. In this post we will focus in particular on light and we will do so by analyzing the key elements that you must consider when taking photographs in the dark or in any case in low light ...

Il problema dell'ispirazione per un fotografo
2 Agosto 2021

The problem of inspiration The problem of inspiration is something that does not only concern those involved in photography but all creative arts such as music, literature, painting etc. Rivers of ink have been spent to describe all the psychological And in some cases even physical, facets that imply the creative effort, just as, in literature, it is possible to find dozens and dozens of books that would like to explain to us how to stimulat...

4 lifestyle habits to learn to photograph… in a year
30 Luglio 2021

Before talking about the 4 lifestyle habits to learn to photograph...I'll explain how I came to write this post on "4 habits of life to learn to photograph". In some past posts, like this one, I took some time to give advice, and forgive me if "not requested", to those who are already a photographer and want to develop this ability towards more professional horizons, for work or simply for passion such as happens to me. At the same time, howeve...

I 5 errori più comuni in fotografia
29 Luglio 2021

Why I decided to write a post on the 5 most common mistakes in photography. Since photography is taking up more and more space in my days, also due to this blog, I happen to spend hours on the internet looking at the shots that other photographers like me take in the rest of the world. I find it a useful exercise since no one can ever define himself as completely "arrived" in his field, and that there is always something to learn. From eve...

10 foto che hanno fatto la storia del calcio
16 Luglio 2021

The list of 10 football history photos How to start the list of 10 football history photosI am a "lukewarm" Roma fan. And I say this before talking about my personal list of 10 football history photos.I want to clarify my position with respect to football right away. I follow it very casually, it has never fascinated me that much. However, as a photographer, I recognize this sport as providing us, who work with lenses and lights, often perfe...

Recensione fotocamera Fujifilm GFX 100S
6 Luglio 2021

My hands on the Fujifilm GFX 100S I want to change. I want to start my review of the Fujifilm GFX 100S starting not from the specs and performance as is normally done in photography blogs, but from the physical sensations I had while picking it up. They are positive sensations linked above all to well-studied ergonomics. Starting vibes A first feature that I liked to review is that of the adjustable and removable monitor that I hav...

Two parallel lines meet ... sooner or later
23 Giugno 2021

The parallel lines meet according to Euclid? About 2500 years ago the good Euclid of Alexandria in Egypt told us that two parallel lines never meet. But is it really so? Attention, I do not want to clarify or refute mathematical theories here, this is not what interests me. What I like to analyze instead is how Euclid's fifth postulate often ends up by mapping itself in personal relationships. I'll explain. Do you know those relationsh...

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