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Photo of the Month - April 2022
23 May 2022

Photo of the Month - April 2022 During the month of April, on this blog, I had chosen to dedicate my "column" photo of the month to the Holy Fest in India, a choice dictated by my precise desire to deliberately divert attention from the world focus of the moment, the war in Ukraine, to try to ford, through images, those small signs of restart and rebirth that come from these festivals dedicated to the impending spring season. A seasonal rebirth...

5 best photos of Photo London 2022
12 May 2022

Photo London 2022 As the weeks go by, we realize more and more that life, after two years marked by the pandemic, and despite the war in Ukraine, is returning to normal. For example, this year the great live events were resumed and with them also the live photo contests (the online ones had never stopped). Among the various, there is one that I would like to point out today, Photo London, now in its seventh edition according to the standing tha...

Impressionist Photography
2 May 2022

Introduction to Impressionist Photography If you have read so far, I am not saying all, but at least most of my posts on photographic techniques you will surely have perceived how much attention I place on the question of correct focusing, one of the first skills able to make a neophyte differ from someone who he understands something about photography. Well: what would you think now if I told you that there is a (deliberately) wrong focus-base...

Light Painting
25 April 2022

Light Painting The "Light Painting", as the name already says, is a particular photographic technique that consists in coloring dark scenarios with light to create real luminous drawings using the long exposure. It is a technique that everyone likes a little, both experts and those who are recently approaching the world of photography and who find "light painting" simple but still a source of great satisfaction right from the start. Came...

Photo of the month - March 2022
19 April 2022

Photo fo the month - March 2022 During the month of February 2022, I could not fail to choose as the photo of the month, one (in reality even more than one) shot that resumed what has been happening in Ukraine for 6 weeks now. Said frankly given that, from February to March, the situation has not changed and indeed, if we want, it has even worsened, it would have been in some ways obvious to choose also for March 2022 some of the images from th...

Sunset photography
11 April 2022

Introduction to sunset photography On this blog I have often focused on techniques that, indeed, can be complicated to use, not within everyone's reach. Not today. Today I'm talking about sunset photography, an ambit of landscape photography for which, frankly, you could easily do without any advice and just take pictures with your iPhone. Already like this you could easily get an excellent result. If, on the other hand, you want to try to go b...

Architectural photography
5 April 2022

What is architectural photography Architecture photography (also referred to as building photography or structure photography) generally means building-centered photography. In architectural photography, you have to focus a lot on the composition rules. A building may look stunning, but if you don't know how to fit it into your frame, it might look mediocre in photos. The styles of architectural photography Architectural photography i...

Photo of the month - February 2022
28 March 2022

Photo of the month - February 2022 It has now been almost a year that, on this blog, I am delighted to point out what, in my opinion, is the photo of the month. These are always shots NOT made by myself. Some I see them on online magazines specializing in photography, others on e-news sites or on social networks. Those that convince me, those that, from my point of view, really represent "the world" in the month in question, those become the ph...

Silhouette photography
23 March 2022

What is silhouette photography Silhouette photography is the technique used to create a solid and dark image of a subject on a brighter background by playing with the contrast between the subject (dark) and the background (light). The first silhouettes originated in France photography around 1850. Silhouette photography tends to show the dark outlines of subjects in front of bright and contrasting scenes, a dramatic contrast. It is often the ph...

Panoramic photo
15 March 2022

Definition of panoramic photo If you are really hungry for photography or you have been "hibernated" from 1990 to today and you have not seen anything of the technological evolution in this sector, you might think that, simply a panoramic photo is a shot that captures a beautiful landscape, be it a sunset over the sea or the orography of the Tuscany hills. Waterfall. That panoramic is a precise technique of modern photography that arises from t...

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