Introduction to Bleisure

So.. Bleisure… According to the dominant thought in the Italian peninsula (and beyond), work must necessarily be associated with fatigue, sacrifice, and the endurance of employers and colleagues.

Technology, on the other hand, teaches us that, if used correctly, by itself it can open not only geographical but also and above all mental boundaries.

This is how neologisms such as “bleisure” (union between Business and Leisure) or “smartworking” (ie teleworking, only with a more Anglophone look) are born.

Bleisure has taken hold since 2011 and has spread rapidly while the term smartworking is now well known, also thanks to the recent Covid-19 epidemic.

The advantages of the new working models

The advantages of these new models have been the subject of studies from which it emerged that working in greater autonomy, reducing the hours in the office and managing one’s load in a personalized way (safeguarding in any case and in any case the business needs), increases the productivity of the worker.

Recent research estimates a 15% increase in performance and a 20% decrease in absenteeism.

All you need is a connection and a good pc and (this is the case to say it), “the job is done”!

We can use a wide range of products and services.

Software suitable for the most varied needs, programs for electronic invoicing, management in the cloud to have everything at your fingertips.

It is a potential intelligent business model, I can guarantee it.

Because it is the method that I have empirically tested in my business for more than twenty years now, when technology was not even so developed.

The beginnings of my blaisure

I started operating on a digital platform many years ago and my office has been located everywhere, as my collaborators were everywhere.

Without even using the telephone but thanks to a fruitful communication via e-mail, I was able, with my virtual team, to optimize business meetings.

I was also able to strategize, plan my agenda and keep my business running, combining my great passion for travel and photography with my profession.

By improving the balance between work and private life, for me as well as for my employees, I have seen greater synergy emerge.

And I noticed how all this leads back to a series of advantages for the company and for the individual.

It was certainly a bit risky at the time, but now it is the dream of many, especially young people, to whom I would like to say that it is not a game.

It requires commitment, perseverance and discipline as opportunities do not come from the sky.

Furthermore, with smartworking, there is a risk of blurring the boundary between work and free time, which is very important for being productive and maintaining the right mental clarity.

In fact, it is always necessary to reserve moments of leisure without affecting the quality of one’s work.

In my personal experience, in my bet with Life I have focused on empathy, adaptability and intuition, adding the right dose of madness, but it was worth it.

Am I a lucky entrepreneur or a forerunner of the times?

To posterity the arduous sentence, in the meantime “Journey, therefore I am”.