The Fog in Dubai ???

I know that at first glance the words “Dubai” and “fog” should never be in the same sentence and yet, and I quote here the legendary Modugno “it’s true, believe me it happened”, and my lucky star wanted me to be too here I’m.

Understand me …

One leaves for Dubai well aware of the fact that he is going to one of the driest areas on earth, where the word “humidity” has been automatically removed from the dictionary for inactivity.


And then instead…

But then it happens that on a spring morning, you wake up, open the curtains of your hotel room and suddenly you are assailed by a doubt.

“But last night I fell asleep in Dubai or Milan“?

That’s right already.

The tourist capital of the Emirates was completely covered by a blanket of fog and, since here, even natural phenomena tend to stray.

If you are lucky from your hotel room you also have the chance to see the city literally split in two by white smoke.

The part of the city that is above the fog and that which is below.

A show that left me speechless also because it was frankly unexpected.

A great show that, from what I discovered later, tends to show up more frequently during the middle seasons.

An unexpected spectacle, needless to say.

Who without even waiting to have breakfast, made me run to get my camera to be sure of capturing a most unique occasion in life.


What to do now?

At that point the problem in my head, as a photography blogger, had become one: looking for the highest possible point in the city from which to start photographing.

It was not easy: you should know that almost all the skyscrapers in Dubai can be visited by tourists, but it is almost never possible to get to the higher floors.

Fortunately, it was not my case: after a round of phone calls I was already in the car to go to my privileged observation point.

When I got to the top, I won’t hide from you, I was assailed by a doubt.

For the first time in my life I thought that, perhaps, for this time, it was time to put down the reflex camera and simply enjoy the show with my own eyes.

And not behind a lens.

Obviously it was the doubt of a moment …

Then the “photographer” in me won it and below you can see some images of that moment … unforgettable!