Why flirting on Instagram is bad for your relationship

Why flirting on Instagram is bad for your relationship? In the previous post you read here, I promised to introduce you to the 5 reasons why flirting on Instagram is harmful to the relationship.

I then told you about the continuous discussions that certain messages can create in your partner, and about the insecurity generated and the virtualization of your universe.

Well, if these first three points were not enough for you, here are two others.


This point is perhaps the least obvious. I’ll explain. It goes without saying that if I start chatting with some stranger on Instagram, it will certainly not please my partner, indeed to be honest. But do you know what I’m telling you? In the long run I think it will hurt me too. In my opinion, flirting via chat on Instagram has a mechanism that follows that of drugs. I give you some more details. How do drugs work? At first you discover them and they give you well-being. And this also happens with some flirts on Instagram: when they start you have suffered that boost of self-esteem that, at least for a while, allows you to feel cooler than you should. But then comes the moment of addiction, or when the initial dose is no longer enough.

And then what? We need to raise the bar and flirt is no longer enough for us, we want to move on to the next step which can be to meet personally (do Icardi and Nara tell you anything?), Or in the most “pitiful” case, to look for a further dose of adrenaline in a second flirt to add to the first. Question to ask yourself immediately: what are you doing? Do you realize that you are filling your brain with air and nothing more?



Ok, now that I understand that with this post I will climb to the top of the ranking of the bigots on the web I have decided to shoot myself this latest cartridge to “convince” you not to jeopardize your relationships with flirting on Instagram. Why are they dangerous? Basically because, in many cases, the person on the other side is not what we think. Have you ever heard of sentimental scams? They work like this: they contact you on social networks, they promise you Harmony book love stories and then suddenly, look at the bad luck, they ask you for money: for sudden and urgent medical interventions, or to pay that last fee to the lawyer who finally it will allow them to separate from their old partner and dedicate themselves only to you. DON’T BELIEVE IT! I beg you.

Worse than sentimental scams are blackmail. These are better known because they often jump to the news. We meet complete strangers on Instagram, they steal our trust, until the temperature rises. At that point the exchanges of risque photos and TAC begin! There comes the blackmail. Either you pay me or I send around the material you sent me. Question… Dear ones. It was worth it?