The 5 best flashes on the market

The 5 best flashes on the market… In my opinion. After giving you some tips on how to photograph in dark conditions and on the ideal lighting equipment that every photographer should have, I want to “take” this post to deepen the discussion on flashes, suggesting the 5 best products (according to my humble opinion) on the market. Consider that this personal ranking is updated to the year in which this post is written, that is 2021.

Canon Speedlite 430EX-RT

Let’s continue talking about the 5 best flashes on the market…At the top of this ranking I feel I can undoubtedly place the Canon Speedlite 430EX-RT. I’ll explain why. I love how it manages to spread the light evenly in the illuminated environment, and this makes it particularly effective when you want to create portraits. The cost is in my opinion underestimated compared to the quality of the product: you can in fact buy it by spending less than 350 euros in all.

Yongnuo YN560 IV

The Yongnuo YN560 IV flash is one of those little-known products, even by many insiders. However, I assure you that there have not been a few times that I have heard of recommending it, especially for novice photographers. It is in fact an economical product, but at the same time capable of expressing notes of lightness and strength. The ideal flash for beginners. I said that it is cheap and in fact you can buy online by spending less than 100 euros.

Neewer NW-561

Like the product mentioned above, the Neewer NW-561 is one of those products suitable for beginners. The price is affordable and, most importantly, it has a unique ease of use that makes it perfect for those taking their first steps in photography. In fact, you don’t need great techniques and experiences to get good results right away. The price is around 50 euros.

Nikon AF SB-700

I told you about the Nikon AF SB-700 about the basic equipment for a photographer. And there is a reason why. In fact, I think this product is the best for reflex cameras, especially in combination with Nikon products. It is a product that “exudes” quality from the very moment you hold it in your hand. It is very resistant but not so cheap: to buy it you will have to be willing to spend around 300 euros.

Profoto A1X

Because I am talking to you, and it is not the first time, about the Profoto A1X. In general, it is a good product, one of those about which nothing negative can be said because it is able to express quality in all the fundamentals of its field of action. But there is a feature that made me fall in love with it which is the speed of regeneration; very fast. It manages to generate flashes at 1 second intervals. The price is the sore point: it costs around 1000 euros.