10 best Instagram filters

We continue after the first part, our roundup on the 10 best Instagram filters… In my opinion, of course.


Why use Gingham? Because you all know, or all of you Instagram addicted that you are nothing else, how much on this social network but also on Facebook to tell the truth, photos that recall a little vintage effects are in fashion. So if that’s your goal then Gingham is the right filter for you. It works by removing some colors, and at the same time reducing saturation. You then have a photo as you would have taken it with a 1960s camera. But digital …

The Best Instagram Filter Apps


Staying on the subject of vintage or retro effects, as you prefer, Aden is another Instagram filter that I would definitely recommend you to use. It uses pastel-like color ranges that serve to bring back, obviously in a fictitious and artificial way, the hands of your shot. Shapes and colors appear softer as if immersed in a great dream and therefore; the ideal solution for your Christmas photos.

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I could not fail to include one dedicated to black and white in my roundup of the 10 best Instagram filters. Well, in this sense, after a long evaluation, what I would definitely recommend is Moon. It is one of the newest in its field. He works only with black and white shades with shades of gray in between and is very “good” in being able to give great intensity even to photos that would be anonymous in color. To try

How to Make a Instagram Moon Filter Effect - Adobe Photoshop CC 2015  Tutorial - GraphixTV - Instructables


Do you find your original photo a little cold? Heat it up with the Instagram Myfair filter. One of my favorites when I want to photograph landscapes especially in the middle times such as those of sunrise and sunset. Myfair knows how to process them managing to give greater depth to the subject and background of your shot thanks to a generous injection of magenta instead of white able to make the naturalistic views you want to take less obvious.

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X-Pro II

I conclude with X-Pro II my roundup on the 10 best filters for Instagram. Why, or rather, when to use X-Pro II? Basically you should use this filter if you want to give your shot a greater load of dark and shadow. The final effect is that of a photo with great intensity with a hint of retro.

Il filtro X-Pro II di Instagram | Andrea Antoni