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Studio AD35

The idea of ​​AD35

Within this website you have had, or will have, the opportunity to know me through my photographs, to make that inner journey, within me, through (mainly) my “external” travels around this wonderful planet.

What I know of this world I have known mainly through the lens of my reflex cameras and only later through my real eyes.

It is a bit like the fate of us “visionaries” that the rest of ordinary people call “photographers”.

Two special people

Here, there are two people who have been sharing this sort of “healthy madness” with me for some time: Andrea Leone and Daniele Raffaelli.

Who I am? They are two geniuses of photography as well as two of my dear friends, owners of the AD35 photographic studio in Rome.

AD35 more than a study is first and foremost an idea, shared as much by Adrea and Daniele as by me.

The idea

The idea that photography can never be limited to the technique of mixing lights and colors. Photography must by its very nature be an art, perhaps the main graphic art of our time.

And as an art it must inspire those who see it.

In the light of this shared concept, all the photos produced under the hat of Studio AD35 are born.

Some of these images can be found in the galleries of this site; others instead you can admire them here.

These are images that arise, from time to time, with different commercial intentions shared with the client but which, you will recognize, find their common matrix in the aforementioned intention of always being “inspiring”.

Consider for example this photo gallery dedicated to the world of “food”. These are some examples of shots taken for famous restaurants in Italy and abroad.

The basic idea behind each of these photos was not only that of the search for beauty, which it also chases, but also and first of all that of trying to bring those who look at this photo into a parallel dimension in which the eyes can virtually replace themselves. to taste and smell.

The revolution

It is a Copernican revolution, or so I like to call it, in the world of photography, where the “beauty” is only a pretext to be able, in reality, to tell the story behind that beauty.

This is what happens, for example, in the images of the Hot Buttered collection (by Andrea Leone) that you see here.

And this is also what we tried to do for commercial books such as those made for Fiorucci or for Brit Make up (by Andrea Leone).

In the images of us photographers of AD35 studio it is no longer the end but the means, or even the “excuse” to point our lens at a subject, whether human or inhuman and, through its colors, try to tell the world about his story and the emotions it tries to share.

Studio AD35 is an art project, a project to which, I do not hide, I am very attached on a personal level because through the lenses of a reflex camera it allowed me to understand a lot about the world and about other people, but also about myself as it also happens looking at some portraits of me or of Daniele Raffaelli.

Because in the end, photography is nothing more than this: aiming the lens out to look better inside.

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