Photo of the month – June 2022

An Roman mantra that I often love to repeat because, I’m sure, it has its own therapeutic value, it is “Sti cazzi”. It is not the first time that I talk about it in my personal blog, at a guess, I think, it will not be the last. But there is a variant of it, imported from the Neapolitan (and from the Neapolitan philosophy – the language and philosophy of a city are very connected to each other) that I adore in a sublime form and which is the mythological “and who cares!”.

You have no idea how many times this “who cares” saved my life. But not biological life, so to speak. Different and healthy “and who cares” have saved me dozens of times from wrong choices, from work, sentimental and family slavery from which it seemed impossible even to imagine being able to get out. And instead it was possible and without those mammoth “and who gives a shit”.

I recommend everyone, if you’ve never done it before, to equip your bow with this expressive arrow. The effectiveness is guaranteed but, please, use it sparingly.

now, you may be wondering what this sentence centers on with the photo of the month you saw as the incipit of this post. It has something to do with it, and as if it does, my dear.

How are they

Let’s start by saying who are the two characters in the photo? You will have understood that they are soldiers and, it does not take much imagination to understand that they are Ukrainian soldiers. What (deliberately) the photo does not immediately imply is what these two soldiers are doing. No, I’m not in the middle of a stand up meeting before I go into battle. These two soldiers are getting married.

Now, don’t take me for romantic (and there’s nothing wrong with being romantic), but I, watching this scene, was literally moved. Yes, because, think about it, what’s more revolutionary, closer to the first mentioned “and who cares”, than two spouses who, under the bombs, while the second world war power attacks you, well, in all this they make a noise, they give a damn, and they swear love for eternity. They promise eternity while everything around them would seem to show them to be more cautious, to look after today and tomorrow. But they don’t, they don’t give a damn, as I said (forgive me if I will repeat it over and over again) and have no intention of giving up their love, but, more generally, their dreams.

What a wonderful photo! These are the shots that make me fall in love with photography even more, for its ability to capture in a moment of infinity a message that is really destined to last forever, because, I’m sure, photos like this one we will also look at again. when the guns are finally silent and, perhaps, we will be able to forget this hateful conflict.


These two newlywed soldiers tell us that yes, there are no limits in life compared to what we all have the right to say “who cares”, and their shy smile under the elements, is for me a great injection of courage with which to be able to bear my troubles, my problems, my fears, infinitely smaller than theirs.

I would therefore like to have these two newlywed soldiers in front of me, to thank them, and with the most classic of spouses shouting together “w the spouses”, at least for today, and for tomorrow, when the bombs (real or metaphysical of everyone’s life) they will come back to hit and respond with a resounding “and who cares”.