Photo London 2022

As the weeks go by, we realize more and more that life, after two years marked by the pandemic, and despite the war in Ukraine, is returning to normal. For example, this year the great live events were resumed and with them also the live photo contests (the online ones had never stopped). Among the various, there is one that I would like to point out today, Photo London, now in its seventh edition according to the standing that goes by the name of “Photo London 2022”. More than a contest it is a real festival and for this reason different from the classic contests given that the names of the highest level, and therefore already established, from the world of photography are almost always hosted. In particular, the 2022 edition sees over 100 different photographers performing from 18 different countries around the world. So many photos on display, but in this mare magnum there are some that have particularly struck me and that I therefore report to you. So here are my five favorite photos from Photo London 2022.

Pink – Dan Holfeld

It is my absolute favorite. At first glance it doesn’t even seem to be a photo but a painting and in part it is and for this reason I like it. In fact, I am very fascinated by the contamination between different artistic forms, in this case painting and photography, because I think that, in 1000 years from now, these hybrid creations will tell the artistic picture of our times to posterity. This minimalist photo by Holfeld (former Budapest International Photo Award winner) exudes mystery; color and geometry, in their simplicity, create a vibrant imagery of great inspirational impact.

Sculptures – Hannah Hughes

With this second image, stolen from those exhibited at Photo London 2022, it somewhat follows the same path as that of Dan Holfeld, that is, the path of photography that is inspired and contaminated with art and its traditional artistic expressions. In this image we see, for example, a collage of sculptures that mixes archeology and waste materials, natural and artificial materials. The attempt of the photo, or more generally of the artistic creation, is to show how those materials normally destined for the landfill can instead become important artistic subjects.

Untitled – Mia Dudek

Mia Dudek was a big surprise for me at Photo London 2022. I didn’t know her. She is a Polish artist and, if you ask me what is represented in this photo, I answer you with such sincerity that I don’t know. But it fascinates me. And that’s the beauty of it. It is an explosion of sensuality and intimacy, achieved through the skilful use of colors (in shades of pink) and lights and shadows. Abstract eroticism or artistic nude? We should ask her, but the result is quite fascinating.

Camel Head – Afikaris

Curious this photo right? It was born within Afikaris, a Parisian art gallery that aims to enhance young African photographic talents. In this portrait we see a young African in an area of ​​blue twilight and wearing a strange turban apparently made of a mass of white raw cotton. The combination of colors does not immediately understand that it is a load carried on the head according to the African style, or at least this was not my first impression, if I tell you the truth. My first impression was that of a cloud coming out of the subject’s head, like a dream. Imagine.

Chuquicamata – Edward Burtynsky

What do you see represented in this photo? If you don’t know, I’ll tell you. It is a copper mine in Chile. The aerial shot was made by Edward Burtynsky, already awarded by the Sony World Photo Award. The author specializes in shooting images aimed at raising public awareness on the issue of climate change and, more generally, on how human action has changed (not always for the better) the world around him. A theme, that of environmental protection, which we all know but on which photography can still be useful to provide further points of view and a greater sense of the gravity of the situation worldwide.