Nikon @ CES 2022

It is written “CES of Las Vegas” but it reads “technology, innovation, future… in its pure state”. Also this year the event in Nevada was the venue where all the major hi-tech companies in the world, not just those of photography to be honest, present their latest news. Those who want to understand how technology will change our lives must necessarily pass by this event which, every year in Las Vegas, never fails to amaze us, surprise us and, if we want, also dream of a future in which technology as well as being useful can also help us, in its own way, to be happier. Nikon, a world leader in the photography sector, has dedicated an entire page of its website to CES 2022. A page, Nikon @ CES 2022, in which to explain, in greater detail, to professionals or even great enthusiasts like myself, its “vision” “In the world of photography. A vision, that of Nikon for 2022, which will materialize through three main products: the Z9, the Z Fc and the new NIKKOR Z lenses.

Nikon Z9

If you follow my blog the Z9 shouldn’t be new. I told you about it here some time ago. For those who missed it, in summary, I tell you that this is Nikon’s flagship product at the moment, a product that was created for a professional clientele and that determines an incredible leap forward in what concerns the autofocus, the viewfinder. electronic, the quality of 4k video capture. A product of the highest level but also all-encompassing: yes because, you can be sure, that if you ever have one, you will quickly realize that it is a perfect device in all scenarios; outdoors as indoors, when shooting static natural objects as in photos at speed during sporting events or on moving objects.

Ufficiale Nikon Z9, l'ammiraglia con l'AF potenziato dal machine learning e  registrazione in 8K fino a 60p |

Nikon Z fc

Before we talked about technology and happiness. Well, the Nikon Z fc is an example of a hi-tech product capable of producing, obviously in enthusiasts, discharges of serotonin that not even the best psychiatric drug in the world can emulate. As? Through its ability to combine old and new. An old fake, certainly, what the Nikon Z fc achieves in its vintage design and in the orchestration of buttons and knobs that give the photographer that sense of manual work that ultra-modern cameras tend to lose. But the Nikon Z fc is also a “great piece of new”, and you understand that from the 20 MP definition of its images, the ability to shoot 4k movies and other minor facets such as the variable angle monitor and Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi in the short range.

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Nikkor Z

Nikkor Z lenses are expected to be 36 by the end of next year. They are born with two main purposes: the first is to ensure a very high resolution of photos and videos, even at the edges of the image. The second great result is to have excellent sharpness and greater depth of images even in conditions of open apertures.

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