Let it be

There is a very beautiful phrase that says “Letting go means realizing that some people are part of your story, but they are not part of your destiny.”
Well, if I have to be honest with myself, in life I have learned to do many things, with a touch of pride I do not find it hard to admit that I have reached goals that, as a young man, I could never have imagined. But there is one thing that, even today, and in the face of a few more white hairs, I still can’t do and that is to let go. Letting go is terribly difficult for me. To be honest, my instinct, in the face of all kinds of adversities, is just the opposite, that is to fight, damn my soul and life until I have reached my goal, conquered or repaired what needed to be fixed.
I am made like this, but I do not pretend to think that I am done in the right way, at least from this point of view. In fact, I realize how often we end up stubborn in obtaining objectives that we no longer need or even hurt us, simply because we do not want to admit that we have already lost them, or better still that we do not need them, they are not part of the our path.
Sometimes, in the most difficult cases, letting go becomes particularly hard when it comes to people. Travel companions who have been with us for a more or less long stretch of life, at some point, can separate from us. And this happens for the most disparate reasons: sometimes life (or death) thinks about dividing us, and in those cases it is perhaps easier to accept to “let go”, even if, even this exercise can cost tears. Other times, however, it is the choices of our free will, mine as well as that of others, which at a certain point lead us to a crossroads in our path where “their way” separates from “our way”. And maybe we don’t agree, we rant, but then, let’s face it, we have no other choice but the painful one to open the tales of our soul and let them go.

Future and past

From that moment they will be past, but they will not be future. And it will be fairer like this. Because walking together on this piece of the world must not be a request or an obligation, but a free choice that each of us should make every day in awareness and freedom. Friends and relationships are born in the context of freedom; no one can force us to become friends or fall in love with someone. In the same way, these relationships hold up as long as there is the freedom to say yes every day. When this is missing and we still continue to be together then it is no longer love, it is no longer friendship, it is customary.
Letting go is therefore, as mentioned, a painful process but, on the positive note, it also has incredible thaumaturgical effects on our soul. Allow me the comparison a bit pulp if I compare letting go to vomiting; at the moment it is absolutely not pleasant, but afterwards we are better. We are lighter and, unexpectedly, we immediately realize that we can live even better in some cases even without the person (or if you want the thing) that we have started to do without, like it or not.

Let go

Letting go requires great maturity, it requires wisdom, the one that allows you to make that minimum logical leap thanks to which you understand that you must learn to surround yourself with what you will need tomorrow, and not just what you need now. And when you do, you realize that, in the end, the things you really need are far fewer than you thought about. As soon as you try to narrow the field to what is really “necessary”, in affections as in material goods, you find yourself rich and lucky, and as you learn to let go you also become more and more free.
We must try. And not because someone asks us to do it, or because we have to or because society requires it to us. No, we should learn to let go first of all because we have the sacrosanct right and duty to be happy, and to be happy, as I once read you have to “Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be “