Venice. When I started writing the text of this post I thought that even just the name “Venezia”, perhaps in its English pronunciation “Venice”, could be enough. Yes because, pay attention to it, saying Venice means saying everything. It is enough to make the name resonate and each of us spins that whirlwind of images, backgrounds, some (for those who have been there) seen live, others seen on postcards (it was once said), on the internet in modern times.
However, my Venice, or rather, my last Venice, was something different from the classic idea of Venice that people normally have in mind. First of all because it was certainly not the first time I went there. So I didn’t have that surprise effect of rookies looking at the Grand Canal in amazement. I have already been several times here in Venice, and I have also dedicated one of the photo galleries to Venice that you can find here on my site.

But this Venice, this last Venice, had a totally different flavor from the previous ones. You know, for me travel takes on a particular flavor depending on the historical moment (my personal, of course) that I’m experiencing. This is why the Venice that I have experienced in recent weeks could not be the same as the Venice of other times.
The last Venice was a bit that of rebirth. Which is almost a contradiction since Venice is usually a melancholy city: in southern Italy they say “Venice is sad”.
But not mine, or at least not my last. The Venice of my 2023 session was a great moment of personal and physical rebirth. It was above all a gift that I wanted to give myself. Which I don’t do so often since as a father and entrepreneur, commitments, responsibilities, deadlines are always at the top of my thoughts.

But in the latter Venice I wanted to try to do something different, first of all giving myself a whim, that of traveling on a plane all for myself. I would say “an experience that I recommend to everyone” but I understand that it would be offensive, so I limit myself to saying that it is an experience that “I wish everyone” to experience at least once in their life. And if with your private jet you even manage, as it was in my case, to fly over one of the most beautiful cities in the world, then you’ve done bingo.

Venice, the private jet, the super company I surrounded myself with were the three ingredients of what, without even thinking about it too much, I can number among the best days of my life. Because I’ve seen beautiful things, because I’ve done beautiful things, because I’ve been around beautiful people, and because, most of all, I’ve laughed a lot. And I needed it. And I deserved it.

I’ve spent so much time lately looking back, reanalyzing the past, (occasionally) crucifying myself (almost always for no reason) for the done and the undone, the said and the unsaid, that these days in Venice I they seemed like that moment when you emerge from the bottom of the sea just as your lungs tell you that it is not possible to go without oxygen any longer.
And I breathed this oxygen of Venice deeply. But not only. While I was in the midst of this international marvel, a marvel in which nature and man came together to create something incredible and inimitable, well, while I was there I thought that that fresh air, that wind of novelty, that new oxygen I would have liked to continue hearing them even after I left Venice.

Thus new travel projects were born, new enthusiasms which, as always, I will tell you about in this blog. For now, it’s enough to know that I’ve started writing again, and I’m not referring so much and only to this blog, but to my life. I took the pen back in my hand, I have a new white sheet in front of me, I turned the lamp on the table back on and I’m ready to write new chapters of a unique and incredible story, mine.