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"Other Places", my new book... On Amazon
20 Gennaio 2022

Other Places... the end "We all saw the world stop between February and March 2020. Suddenly, all of humanity held its breath, metaphorically and, unfortunately, literally. I watched the news fall like a constant bombardment. On the one hand, I couldn't take it anymore, on the other, I wanted to do something positive that could make a contribution so that we could get out of the mental cage in which we had fallen. The Other Places project was b...

Canon @CES 2022 in Las Vegas
12 Gennaio 2022

Canon @CES 2022 In this post of mine yesterday I told you about what were the "workhorses" of the presence of the Nikon brand at CES 2022 in Las Vegas. Today, however, as you may have guessed from the title of this post, Canon @CES 2022, I want to focus my attention on the Canon brand, also present in the hi-tech event in the Nevada desert, where, in addition to some software solutions, it presented the new RF5.2mm F2.8 L Dual Fisheye lens. ...

Nikon @ CES 2022 in Las Vegas
11 Gennaio 2022

Nikon @ CES 2022 It is written “CES of Las Vegas” but it reads “technology, innovation, future… in its pure state”. Also this year the event in Nevada was the venue where all the major hi-tech companies in the world, not just those of photography to be honest, present their latest news. Those who want to understand how technology will change our lives must necessarily pass by this event which, every year in Las Vegas, never fails to amaze us, s...

Recensione della Canon EOS R3
14 Dicembre 2021

Introduction to the Canon EOS R3 As I have always told you and written on this blog I do not do paid reviews or in any case behind any kind of economic recognition by the manufacturers of photographic equipment. I like to analyze, when it happens, models that they have had the opportunity to use, or that particularly fascinate me, or that have these characteristics. The Canon EOS R3 belongs to the second set, that is to those cameras that fa...

Photo of the month - November 2021
13 Dicembre 2021

Photo of the month, November 2021  Photo of the month, November 2021... As every month I found myself in recent days choosing the photo of the month, an image that, on a collective level, serves to remember better than others in the future, the month of November 2021 that has just ended. It has been a troubled month in many respects, primarily due to the protests, not only in Italy but all over the world, against the Green Pass and the post Cov...

Bello rivederti, Istanbul
10 Dicembre 2021

Nice to see you again Istanbul Nice to see you again Istanbul... “I can't tell you how long my stay in this restaurant lasted. And it is useless to tell you "how I ate" and it is not even what I feel I want to express to you after this experience. But I want to tell you that, leaving the restaurant, as I walked towards the nearby Blue Mosque more than sated, I felt regenerated, more than satisfied by what must have been just one of my lunches i...

4 macchine fotografiche vintage che ancora acquisterei - Parte 2
8 Dicembre 2021

4 vintage cameras that I would still buy Take some memories, take some technology from the past. Mix them together by mixing them with ice and you will get the exact cocktail of this post with which I continue to tell you (after the first part) about the best vintage cameras that I would still buy. A journey into the past of each of us, not necessarily only in that of those who deal with photography by profession. It is in fact very likely that...

4 vintage cameras that I would still buy - Part 1
7 Dicembre 2021

4 vintage cameras that I would still buy... 4 vintage cameras that I would still buy... As I happened to write several times in this blog I am lucky, but thanks to my work (not because something falls from the sky), to be able to give vent to my passion for photography by giving me cameras, even very expensive if necessary , but always functional to my artistic goals. So here in my house, I assure you, you will find a long list of machines and ...

The most powerful cameras on the market - Part 3
1 Dicembre 2021

The most powerful cameras on the market With this third and last post my roundup on the most powerful cameras on the market ends. And let's conclude by getting to know three other models that in my opinion deserve to be considered in our virtual ranking “of the most powerful of the moment”. Hasselblad X1D II 50c I was undecided to the last whether to include the Hasselblad X1D II 50c in my ranking of the most powerful cameras on the marke...

The most powerful cameras on the market - Part 2
30 Novembre 2021

The most powerful cameras on the market We started with yesterday's post a short, but I hope comprehensive, overview of the most powerful cameras among those on the market. We have seen three models in particular: the Phase One XF IQ4 150MP Camera System, the Fujifilm GFX 100 and the Hasselblad H6D-400C Multi-Shot. Today we will see 3 other models that can certainly be defined as top of the range that stand out, at this moment, for the power...

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