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It's NOT sad Venice
3 May 2023

Venice. When I started writing the text of this post I thought that even just the name "Venezia", perhaps in its English pronunciation "Venice", could be enough. Yes because, pay attention to it, saying Venice means saying everything. It is enough to make the name resonate and each of us spins that whirlwind of images, backgrounds, some (for those who have been there) seen live, others seen on postcards (it was once said), on the internet in moder...

A Ferrari and a dreaming child
14 April 2023

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get rich? Many, I think perhaps all (apart from a few Tibetan hermits) were born and grew up with the aim of becoming, if not very rich, at least a little richer than they were “at the start” of their life. And since the whole world is marching in this direction, it is normal that those who, like myself in part, have reached an undeniable state of economic well-being, are seen with envy, because "he made it"...

Self absolution
2 April 2023

"I smiled without realizing it, this must be how we start over". This sentence happened to me by chance, on the internet, with the same randomness that walking in a meadow we find a four-leaf clover or sometimes we find ourselves surprised in front of the silhouette of a beautiful unexpected panorama. It is one of those catchy sentences that people like me, a few words full of meaning and, more importantly, words that seem to be the script, in ...

Thank you Prague!
10 March 2023

“Thank you Rome, You make us live and feel again, A new person”. So Antonello Venditti sang many years ago, and what was a love song to his city then became a trans-generational anthem in the following decades. Now, I don't want Romans and Romanists, and I am surrounded by it being first and foremost a Roman from Rome, but today I would like to try to slightly modify Venditti's text to sing my thanks to another city, another capital: Prague. Yo...

5 intentions for 2023
3 January 2023

We broke up in 2022 with this post in which I tried to share the 10 lessons learned in 2022. With today's post, the first post of a 2023 that has just begun, I will try to share with you the 5 good resolutions for the new year. Let's be clear: it is my intention to try to write not some classic intentions like going on a diet, being better, and bla bla bla. No. I will try, as I always do in this blog, to go deep into my depths and tell it without ...

10 lessons learned in 2022
31 December 2022

It is said that every year trees increase the number of rings that make up their trunk, thus becoming bigger and stronger. What about us humans? Well for us it's a little different because every year brings with it good and bad things, lessons and regrets, falls and defeats, but it's not said that all of them necessarily have their use. For my part, in an attempt to ensure that everything I have experienced in this 2022 which is drawing to a close...

Unwritten destinies
9 December 2022

William James said: "The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can change their lives by changing their mental attitude."We have known since the dawn of time that those who think positive in life are more able to achieve their personal, sentimental, family and work goals. And it's not a matter of luck, woe to trivialize the speech in this sense. Those who look positively (which does not mean with "naive illusion") at life simply...

Zeigarniker effect
7 December 2022

Have you ever heard of the Zeigarniker effect? I'm sure that to the vast majority of you this term means nothing yet it is something we all experience on a daily basis. The Zeigarniker effect is none other than that sort of disquiet mixed with anxiety that we feel when faced with unfinished business. We watch a film and if an "interrupt" distracts us and prevents us from seeing the ending we get paranoid. A person on the phone is telling us som...

6 December 2022

“In life you have to take everything at once. Waiting is for losers. Those who have time don't wait for time”… And I could go on for quite a while. I have reported only some of the phrases that are so popular right now to ask you and ask ourselves, we all agree that the "politics" of this historical period has completely erased concepts such as patience, waiting, knowing wait? I really think so. Immediacy is one of the main figures of our days. We...

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