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Coca Cola and the lives of others
17 November 2022

You can't judge the life of others by not living it from within just as you can't guess the formula of a drink simply by drinking it.This sentence came to my mind the other day. I was out and about, at a restaurant, and a local patron had ordered his iced Coca Cola, promptly brought to the table by the diligent waiter. I looked at that glass and thought of how many, by now there will be billions, have tasted Coca Cola at least once. Many, many bil...

Landfill gulls
31 October 2022

I have always been fascinated by the similarities between three birds and people. There are crows who, notoriously, are those types a bit halfway between hooligans and fans of death and its surroundings. There are the "swallows", alias the spies, those who usually bring you confidential information. And then there are the jackals, those who take advantage of a person's difficult situation to exploit him, to the point of making him die.Well, I have...

Dunning and Kruner Effect
25 October 2022

Dunning and Kruner Effect “Who knows does, who doesn't know teaches”, said an old proverb. Holy words, just to remain in old logisms. However, what our ancestors would never have imagined is that one day, scientists, and in particular the psychologists Dunning and Kruner of Cornell University in the States, would have codified this proverb according to modern canons, this saying within a real cognitive disorder officially recognized. That's wha...

Give up on normality
24 October 2022

I decided to give up on normality when I realized it wasn't for me. There are countless people, especially among the weakest, who desperately need to feel normal because this is an indispensable step towards a second step, integration. At one time sis spoke of bourgeoisie, today it can be called homologation: a social comfort zone with no limited number from which I try, as long as I can, to stay away. No regrets.I decided to give up being normal ...

In praise of fear
18 October 2022

In praise of fear Martin Luther King said: “One day fear knocked on the door. Courage went to open and found no one. " Yep, that's right. The human soul, our entire lives to tell the truth, waver in this eternal alternation between fear and courage. We would be mistakenly led to think that one excludes the other and that therefore, when one is present, the other is absent. But that's not exactly the case. The truth is that the bravest people I ...

Never accept advice
17 October 2022

Never accept advice "Be careful in accepting advice.And be patient with those who dispense them.Accept this last advice.Never accept advice .. " The song “Accept the advice” by Franco Battiato ends with these words, a song inspired by the final monologue of the film “The Big Kahuna”. It is one of those texts that are neither music nor poetry. Rather, they are "mother's words", also valid for those who still have it, she has had it or has nev...

7 October 2022

About the self-steem In psychology they call it “perceived self-efficacy”, or the awareness of being (not being) able to cope with the personal and social situations that life puts before us. Ordinary people call it "self-esteem" and the meaning is roughly the same. It is said that a person has self-esteem when, faced with the challenges of life (all the challenges not only those that represent the common sense of this term) he feels he can do ...

Social side effects
21 September 2022

Social side effects In May 2017, the Royal Society for Public Health and the Young Health movement released a report examining the effects of social media on the health of young people. The report includes a ranking of social media platforms based on their impact on the mental health of young people. YouTube tops the chart as the most positive, with Instagram and Snapchat being the most damaging to the mental health and well-being of young peop...

3 habits to be unhappy
20 September 2022

Habits to be unhappy If you do a little research on the internet using keys such as "how to be happy", rest assured, you will find millions of results; then, however, you look around and all this happiness is not there, either, or what goes around on the internet, called in the Roman style, are just a bunch of "shit", or something must have gone wrong. The truth, and it is not something that I discover, is that unfortunately (but perhaps also f...

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