How to monetize own photos

How to monetize photos…. In this previous post, I started talking to you about some techniques that, if used well, could allow you to monetize your passion (or work) as a photographer, regardless of whether you are a professional or not.

So I told you about the image marketplaces available online and how, alternatively, you can make money on the internet through advertising in your own personal photography blog.

There are also two other ways that I feel I can suggest; two lives, I repeat it for those who have not read the first post, which focus on the real probability of earning with photography via the internet.


On the web there are many portals where, by registering, it is possible to receive reports about spot job offers for freelance photographers. These are offers that can come both from private citizens and from companies that for impromptu needs may need the services of a photographer.

Being real jobs, albeit timed, the earning possibilities in the short term are obviously higher than the image Makretplaces or Google Adsense advertising banners.

Furthermore, direct contact with a company can be the basis for subsequent collaborations that can lead to further earnings.

Among the most popular sites where you can find job opportunities as freelance photographers, I would like to suggest which, according to my knowledge, is the one with the highest number of offers and the best update frequency.


But how, you may be wondering, here we are talking about monetizing your photos and instead the title of this paragraph is “create a free e-book”? Absolutely yes, I confirm.

How could a free e-book make us earn suns? In an indirect way I would say … Now I’ll explain. Take your best pictures; put them together in a document in electronic format, perhaps in pdf (you can do it with both Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint).

Once this is done, run this e-book as much as possible. Do it through free tools like Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. Run it with everyone: acquaintances and non-acquaintances.

Why do I insist on this point? You see, the monetization of one’s artistic abilities behind the camera can arise by following many paths. Often the most unexpected. I know many people to whom the first photographic works (for a fee) were commissioned by friends or relatives fascinated by their ability that perhaps until then had remained unknown.

From there then, with the right work of social marketing (old – in words – or new – via web – way) that circuit of word of mouth is triggered that over time causes the commissions to multiply more and more, going beyond the sphere of acquaintances.


I want to dedicate the last paragraph of this post to a point that is close to my heart. It may have happened, mostly on Facebook, to look at sponsored posts in which the possibility of acquiring a flood of customers for your business as a professional photographer via the internet is advertised.

Don’t listen to it. In 99% of cases, those who advocate such secrets (or perhaps it would be better to call them by their name or, online courses) is not even a photographer but only a web marketer.

Photography is an art and there are no miraculous recipes that can make you sell automatically and massively.

Like all forms of art, technique and skill are needed and then there is the randomness of encounters and life opportunities that do the rest, and there are no recipes and panacea to shorten these paths.

But continue to work on your artistic product, my advice, because if the quality is there, if you have a strong and new message to share through your shots you will see that it won’t be long before your passion starts to become a source of earning and then, maybe, a job.