I decided to give up on normality when I realized it wasn’t for me. There are countless people, especially among the weakest, who desperately need to feel normal because this is an indispensable step towards a second step, integration. At one time sis spoke of bourgeoisie, today it can be called homologation: a social comfort zone with no limited number from which I try, as long as I can, to stay away. No regrets.
I decided to give up being normal at the exact moment in which I gave myself as the primary goal of my days, my happiness and the people I care about. Normality, rest assured, is not a viaticum towards a happy and fulfilling life. Instead, it is towards plastic existences whose only true figure is that of appearance. The search for true happiness requires the courage to tread paths that most people do not travel, to think and walk outside the box.

I decided to give up defining myself as normal the day I got tired of defining myself, of giving myself labels. Whether they are based on nationality, sexual and cultural inclinations, income or work … believe me I don’t care. Whether I introduce myself to a President of the Republic or to the peddler who sells roses on the street, my cue towards them will always be the same, put my hand close to him and say: “Nice to meet you, Roberto”. Because this is the only label I feel I can give myself. Like it or not like it to those who judge me from outside. I don’t need their licenses, but days, relationships and hugs lived, breathed to the end. In my way of course.

I decided that I could never be a normal person when, several years ago, I decided that I didn’t want to live a normal life. And you know, when you make this choice you have to take many things into account: yes, because this courage will take you to “places and relationships” that you would never have even remotely imagined as young people, but it will also inevitably expose you to the judgment of others, of “normal” . Judgment to which, over time, you will learn to respond with a sonorous and thaumaturgical “e sti cocks”. Watch out, you need strong shoulders.

I decided to give up on normality when I realized that this normality would not be a “benefit” for me, able to improve my days, but a weight that would slow down my natural running. In fact, deciding to remain within the normal range means taking on an important load of expectations and judgments capable of slowing down even the most unscrupulous flashes. It’s not for me. Without envy for those who choose to do so.
I gave up on normality, and it’s been a while since I’ve done it. And if I think back, looking back and thinking back to how I lived before, well I feel like I’ve made one of the wisest choices of my life.
I stopped being normal and I invite you too, you reader or reader who have had the patience to read this post up to now to do the same. By abandoning the norm, you will discover how commonly used words end up taking on new meanings. What was previously “judgment” becomes “freedom”, what you used to call “risk” becomes “opportunity”, what you called “abnormal” now becomes “real” But do you know what the real miracle is? The real and unexpected miracle is that with words the meaning of your thoughts will change, therefore of your words, therefore of your entire existence.